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Creatives & Healers


Creatives and Artists

Creative Expression of the Soul, this year we have a collection of creatives and expressions throughout the festival. We will have dedicated spaces and offerings.


Care for the body and mind!

Get some bodywork from some of the healers we have
available during the festival.

Bruce Haylock

Starting out on a photographic journey in 1981...feels like several lifetimes ago!

Currently processing through a lifestyle and energy change...daring to take a different path away from the mainstream and working with people's energy and their own requirements.

I use to be the 'clever' one (or so I thought) and come up with all these 'cool' ideas....however it's when you observe and listen to what's going on then you have the opportunity to create.

Still finding my path in this change but incorporating a range of art influences.

Interested in all things creative, classical art, surreal, Japanese art, nude and erotic soul searching photography.


Please visit my I.G. account to a view a selection of what I create.


Jenny Rahman


Photography as a tool to feel and grasp myself and my world.

Silentbeat- everything has a beat, carries life, is moving, hardly noticeable, but everything is somehow changing, always!

I refer to it as Silentbeat - Capturing something, a pulse, a feeling, an essence, but you only can grasp it when you are connected with yourself and the world around you - It is the intimacy I have with the world.


Larissa Jane Wallin

In my work as a bodyworker and artist, I hope to help others experience this return to innocent devotion, and reignite a pure relationship to pleasure in their bodies.

The process of casting is a fun collaborative mission, and quite messy - not very sexy at all! The result however is empowerment, as it is powerful for us to view our bodies from an artistic perspective, and also to let them be admired by others. It increases self confidence and self love.

The act of sharing these artworks takes boldness, in a world that likes to objectify and sexualise our bodies, while often stripping the sacred essence away.

For me, light that shines through my altar lights represents the power and natural intelligence our bodies hold.

Pussy Cast Art

Reclaiming our Erotic Beauty.

My work is driven by a desire to bring back reverence and deep appreciation to our beauty-filled genitals.

At Eden this year I will be offering on site plaster casting for men and women, genitals and breasts.

I will also be displaying my beautiful altar lights in secluded spots around the site. Some can be purchased or ordered.



Manuahi is a non-binary shapeshifter, ritual holder, soul artist, author, and Earth keeper, devoted to making all life and death sacred, healing the loss of soul, and unveiling what lives at the center of the human heart. By weaving realms, Manu is interested in coming back into resonance by re-wilding humanity as Nature. Healing and remembering our erotic innocence, and helping people come home to the Sacred Earth of their bodies, and into the grace-filled song of wholeness.

Current initiatives include reviving the ecstatic joy of grief through ritual, launching the book, “Sacred Union- The Mysteries of Love and Relating as Spiritual Allies”. And co-seeding HumaNature– a non-profit organism bridging human and nature through creative ritualized projects.

Studied and journeyed in sacred sexuality/Tantra, expressive dance/embodiment, energy work, creative arts, shamanic ritual, and ecosexuality. 

Ritual Art Installations
Nature Tongues

A devotional adoration & visual prayer at the altar of nature's magnificence

Blood Mysteries

A journey of ritual blood art through the changing moons of life and death, lifting the ‘shame curse’ and reclaiming the sacred mysteries of the blood.


Michael Ocean/"DREAMFire!'

"Art -Artistry From Within" 
In essence i am an homo-sensual adult child who has survived the homophobia and heterosexism of provincial NZ in the 50s, towards a divinity of sexuousity within sensuosity as an elder


The core of my art comes from a Thich Nhat Hanh mindset which is now embodying the Innocence of sexuosity within a divine sensuosity ie. somatic divinity! One or two general sentences about the artwork you are offering at Eden, what excites and inspires you? Why it matters?


Kath Kuebler

Kath from Elemental Bodywork brings her healing hands to Eden festival 2023. At the core of her approach is her deep passion for working with the body’s wisdom and communication. Each session becomes an experience of diving deeply into the body and listening to the physical, emotional, spiritual and ancestral bodies of her clients. Kath has trained in a variety of techniques including relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, trauma release work, and myofascial release and unwinding work. Each bodywork session is uniquely tailored to the client. Reconnect, relax, unwind, heal.


Feel free to send a message directly to her if you want to pre-book a massage.

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