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FAQ's and
Terms & Conditions



Q: What does Eden offer to create a safer environment?

A: We have implemented detailed support throughout Eden to help create the most safe environment we are able- a grounded and nourishing place for exploration and growth. This includes: 

  • 3 Hour Boundaries and Consent Workshop mandatory for all persons

  • Emotional Support Tent, free and available for everyone, 8am-8pm

  • Healing space with specifically selected healing Practitioners offering paid services/sessions

  • We post flyers visible all over the venue with educational content about boundaries, consent, and inclusivity. 

  • When bringing in Presenters we have them fill out a detailed form and take thoughtful care in deciding who is a fit, to the best of our ability

  • There is a guideline for presenters that promotes using inclusive languaging, helping direct people to emotional support, practice boundaries and consent culture.

  • Fire levels classifing all the offerings as a guideline to have a feeling of what to expect of the workshop or temple.

Q: How does Eden acknowledge, and tend to social power dynamics within the festival container?

A: To acknowledge social power dynamics:

  • Eden holds a strict agreement and boundary that all presenters cannot interact sexually(penetration/genital touch) with participants. *Exception is regarding previous active connections)

  • We ask that presenters refrain from any newly formed or desired engagements for around a 1 week after the festival ends to allow time for participants to “cool off”.

Q: What does Eden offer for integration support after the experience? 

A: Eden has put a lot of time, thought, and action into what could support people’s journey and the embodied digestion of the experience, including: 

  • Eden has taken care in curating the 4-day journey where the last day is focused on integration workshops to help bring peoples experiences back into the body. 

  • We design opening and closing ceremonies to help people to gently enter the field, and ground themselves as they leave. 

  • We also offer a Digital Integration Support Guide PDF sent out to all participants as a follow up email- with helpful reminders on how to care during integration

  • Eden has a facebook group that everyone can join to cultivate community, build lasting relationships with each other, and share about their experience. LINK: 

  • Eden also sends out Feedback forms to get important and valuable feedback from presenters, participants, volunteers, and all people participating in Eden, so we can continuously evolve to keep creating the most supportive experience for everyone. 

Q: How does Eden include minority groups to create more diversity and inclusivity?


  • Eden posts and offers educational materials/ flyers promoting and celebrating diversity in identity, expression, orientation, neuro-difference, ect.

  • All presenters agree to: creating a safer and inclusive event for all people including all gender, sexual orientations, age, ethnicity, physical and psychological constructs, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. Use inclusive language and be open to free of choice of gender pronouns and sensitivity for cultural diversity, non-normative physical needs, and neural divergence in their space.

Q: Is Eden Festival associated with other organizations?

A: No, Eden is an independent festival that takes place at various venues around NZ, including Highden Temple.


  • It is an 18+ age event

  • Eden welcomes any and all expressions of self, identity, gender, and sexual orientation

  • It is a full permission space, including nudity– inviting safe, whole, powerful, supported, embodied experiences. Personal Sovereignty and Self Responsibility are fundamental to this space. Each participant remains fully within their own boundaries from a place of authentic consent

  • The Consent and Boundary Workshop is compulsory for EVERYONE, on Thursday 11th

  • No photography or video are allowed during the event other than the Eden Team. This is because it is a transformational space and people might be in a vulnerable state and it can take them out of the process. Our team will carefully take pictures and try not be intrusive in anyone's process.  By attending this event you agree to appear in any future promotion carried out by Eden Festival. However if an image is used clearly showing you and you do not feel comfortable with its use please email us at and we can remove it. 

  • NO interviews are allowed during Eden Festival at anytime– except those conducted by Eden Organizers and Team. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at anytime if they are asking or recording anyone for interviews.

  • Eden Festival reserves the right to withdraw, replace or substitute presenters/artists, or amend the program, and prices, with no notice.

  • By attending this event you agree to adhere to our festival guidelines which include NO mind-altering substances, like alcohol or drugs. 

  • Eden Festival reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time to ensure a safe space can be provided at all times.


  • In case of any emergency or if you hear the fire alarm, stop what you doing and go to the assembly point (outside - in front of the Manor, in the parking lot)

  • There are trained First Aid personnel on site, please ask anyone from the team if needed

  • No candles or incense are allowed inside of any buildings. Candles at the workshop space will be lighted ONLY by the Eden Team

  • NO FIRES ARE ALLOWED! We will have an official fire that you can join, and it will only be lighted and managed by a team member

  • COVID-19, Please do not attend the festival if you're feeling unwell. If you begin to feel unwell during the festival, please wear a face mask to help reduce potential transmission to others and ensure social distancing whilst you make your way home and seek advice from a medical center. Please use clean practices of washing hands, so we can all care for eachother. 



  • NO TICKETS FOR SALE AT THE GATE, please buy your ticket online at ( by 10th of January or sell-out date (there is a limited number of tickets)

  • Please be aware of purchasing tickets from places other than the Eden Festival Website or Humanatix. If you do, this at your own risk, Eden Festival takes no responsibility for those bought as a scam and reserves the right to refuse entry

  • No refund is available if you are not able to attend the festival, although you can re-sell the ticket to someone else.

  • BE AWARE OF SCAMS. If you are buying ticket from someone else, check first with us before pay ( This will help you confirm it’s not a scam, and to transfer the ticket name. 

  • Please have your ticket printed or downloaded on your phone and ready when you come to the Festival gate

  • Identification is required with your ticket so please have it ready at the gate

  • If the festival is canceled for major circumstances, you are assured a full refund within 14 days of cancellation, less $15 administration fee + Humanatix fee

  • Anyone not wearing a wristband will be escorted off the Festival site



  • Eden Festival is an ALCOHOL AND DRUGS FREE EVENT, it includes Plant Medicine and Marajuana

  • We are a SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT, although we have designated areas for smoking tobacco, including vape devices

  • Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the festival

  • Please respect our environment and the container we are creating, by NOT bringing any drugs or alcohol on site. This rule assures it is a safe place for everyone. Free of altering substances, we can all be in full presence, so clean and clear consent and boundaries is possible. It is important that everyone is able to honor this. 



  • Participants are welcome to arrive starting from 9am on the 11th of January. The open ceremony will start at 1pm.

  • Everyone has to leave the site by 5pm on Sunday the 14th of January.

  • ROOM ACCOMODATION - Check out by 3pm, leave by 5. 

  • CAMPING - Please leave the site by 5pm.



  • Please follow the instructions of the gate crew and stay within areas identified on the site map

  • Be prepared and bring everything you need: tent and/or campervan/caravan, mattress, blankets, kitchen utensils (if you are cooking your meals), shower towel and anything else you need

  • Sites are unpowered

  • Be in synergy with your neighbors, try to be quiet between 10pm to 8am at camping ground, if you want to talk or play, go to the common areas

  • Please leave the site by 5pm on Sunday 14th of January. No one will be allowed to stay extra night as the venue has another event starting the day after.



  • NO CANDLES OR INCENSE ARE ALLOWED INSIDE OF YOUR ROOM, it will trigger the fire alarm

  • Linen will be provide (bed sheets and blanket)


  • At check out strip off the linen and put inside the Red Bags in the corridor

  • Check out by 3pm on Sunday 14th of January. No one will be allowed to stay extra night as the venue has another event starting the day after. Please leave by 5pm.



  • Sorry, no pets are allowed at the venue, apart from the residents pets.


  • Toilets, showers and tap water available for use

  • You will need to take all of your own waste away with you when you leave



  • Cash. No EFTPOS is available.

  • Your own mug

  • A print out of the schedule (if you want your own physical copy)

  • Printed/downloaded to your phone the Festival ticket

  • Raincoat, warm and summer clothing

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Sunglass

  • A towel

  • A sarong

  • Massage oil

  • Medication (if necessary)

  • Reusable water bottles

  • Sleeping bag

  • Mattress

  • Bedding

  • Torch

  • Toiletries

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