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Creatives & Healers


Creatives and Artists

Creative Expression of the Soul, this year we have a collection of creatives and expressions throughout the festival. We will have dedicated spaces and offerings.


In a session you can experience the feeling of “flying Savasana” where your nervous system calms down to its natural stillpoint


The benefits are

+ to recalibrate your spine

+ to create space in your lower back and for your discs

+ to put your heart above your mind and reconnect with the inner voice of your heart

+ to rejuvenate like being new born

+ to find deep relaxation for your body, mind and soul + to free your voice


Hello dear Eden Festival, I’m Flo and I am offering therapeutic suspension sessions. A session is 75 Minutes and most of the time you will still have ground contact, so that your heart and blood system learns how to work into the opposite direction. In the end you can usually hang in the upside down position for 7-12 Minutes. I accompany the journey with elements of ayurvedic yoga massage, Thai massage, osteopathic touch and Feldenkrais. If your heart is beating faster right now, contact me via PM to make an appointment. Or just come and meet me at the Healing Hearth Space, where you can sign up directly in my list at the Festival. I look forward to letting go with you! With warmth, Flo


Katie Te Ani McNeish

Ayurvedic Massage

Under the shade of a Gazebo with hangings for privacy, I will re-create the sacred space of my tent, with crystals to hold the energy, Aura Soma sprays and will begin with sharing Awareness of Breathing exercises to help receivers surrender to the natural self-healing process of the body, then I begin my Ayurvedic massage (clothes on) - akin to acu-pressure, starting with the Head, neck and shoulders while seated, then on the table for the face, hands and feet. Reiki and guided energy healing is woven into my light, loving touch massage, which is given in total presence with Love and Awareness. I will also share my Water Work with the curious and offer readings for completion upon my return home.

About Me

My spiritual journey began at 15 with Transcendental Meditation, my degree was in Psychology from Victoria University, I became Reiki Attuned 20 years ago and healing has been part of my life every since. I spent time on an Indian ashram over many years, where I received Acu-Energetics healing training; as well as experiencing unique meditative deep workshop group experiences. During my time in India, I underwent Ayurvedic massage training in both Dharamsala and Kerala. The space I create within my home studio (a crystal filled lotus bell tent in my garden) is one of pure relaxation, with the energy of Love and harmony; bathed in sacred music, with the vibration of my voice and singing bowls healing alongside the light of Breathing Awareness. I have recently begun working with Water after training with Veda Austin and ice pictures called crystallography allow one to connect with the Consciousness of Water for a unique insight into a clients inner coherence and Soul.




Healing the Wounded Healer and Change Makers

Marcel offers intuitive massage and holistic energetic healing sessions using the very fast Touch of Matrix® method from the Netherlands. The purpose of the session is to identify blocks from current, past or ancestral lives that prevent you from being whole, followed by releasing the blocks so you can:

  1. Reconnect with your ‘True Self’

  2. Activate the self-healing ability of your body 

  3. Take up your rightful place in life and shine.


One session can facilitate profound changes and is therefore perfect for festival settings.


About me

Marcel is a healer, creator and holder of space. He trained in a variety of healing, bodywork, and art therapy modalities since 1992. Touch of Matrix® is his most recent and favourite qualification as it engages his intuitive and creative way of facilitating transformations and healing.

This Eden Festival, Michael is offering a range of healing sessions, including massage, pelvic dearmouring and breathwork.

Michael Hayman
Dip Remedial Massage, Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dip Ka-Toning Body Therapy, Cert Yoga Teacher.


Based on the Kapiti Coast, Michael is amongst NZ's most respected natural health consultants and bodywork practitioners. With over 40 years of professional healing experience, Michael offers his wide knowledge and skills assisting people to let go limitations, enhance their pleasure and wellbeing and discover their passion and inner peace.


Specialising in nutrition, detoxification and holistic living, he offers personal wellbeing consultations, fasting, rejuvenation and breathwork retreats, and individual somatic sessions including hypnotherapy, breathwork, sexual healing and a wide range of massage modalities.


Michael has great reverence for sexual energy both as a transformative power and as a path toward wholeness and loves facilitating pleasure and heart awareness through conscious touch. He has taught and practised sensual and tantric massage in New Zealand, Sydney, Bali and Paris.

Contact: 022 678 0795


Manuahi is a queer, neurodivergent, and non-binary shapeshifter. A heretic, ritualist, soul artist, poet, author, Earth keeper, and HHP. Devoted eco-sexual witch, nature-nudist, and advocate beyond the norm. Facilitator and Creative Organizer for Eden Festival NZ.

Devoted to making all life and death sacred, healing the loss of soul, and unveiling what lives at the center of the human heart. By weaving realms, Manu is interested in coming back into resonance by re-wilding humanity as Nature. Healing and remembering our erotic innocence, and helping people come home to the Sacred Earth of their bodies, and into the grace-filled song of wholeness.


"I delight in dancing on the wild edge of humanity. In the shadows and the worlds unseen and in-between, while actively neuro-queering our embodied expressions, our lives and society."- Manu


Current initiatives include reviving the ecstatic joy of grief through ritual, launching the book, “Sacred Union- The Mysteries of Love and Relating as Spiritual Allies”. Co-seeding HumaNature: a movement focused on soul initiatives reestablishing bridges of sacred resonance through creative ritualized projects.

Studied and journeyed in sacred sexuality/Tantra, expressive dance/embodiment, holistic health, energy work, creative arts, shamanic ritual, grief work, and ecosexuality.


Offering a on-going substack, variety of experiences and trainings, photography sessions, multiple-day retreats, hands-on healing journeys, mentorships, rituals, and committed immersions— for group, couples, and individuals.

“UnEarthed” Painting Series
Exploring the journey of soul emergence as a human— and the variety of expression, experience, and emotions that become UnEarthed. This process of harvesting what we hide inside allows us to express, fully feel, and integrate all parts into wholeness. Raw and real, I found the immense power and strength of vulnerability. The liberation of humanity UnEarthed.


"Revelation Series" Painting Series

Coming alive! When the vibrance shines from deep within, out into the world, everything becomes connected and full of soul. 


"Nature Tongues"
A Devotional Adoration & Visual Prayer at the Altar of Nature's Magnificence. Handmade wooden altar plaques for devotional prayer-  Make your own wall art collages. 


"Nature Nudes"
Offering Photoshoot Sessions after Eden- Contact via email to book!

Capture our soul essence, raw and real, and deeply interconnected to the living vibration of the earth.
A transformative journey portraying the confidence, humanity, innocence, and eros of the magic within you.
Always held with consent and care- honoring all boundaries and creating a safe space to play.
*Available for individual, couples, or group.

Contact via email:


Larissa Jane Wallin 

In my work as a bodyworker and artist, I hope to help others experience this return to innocent devotion, and reignite a pure relationship to pleasure in their bodies.


The process of casting is a fun collaborative mission, and quite messy - not very sexy at all! The result however is empowerment, as it is powerful for us to view our bodies from an artistic perspective, and also to let them be admired by others. It increases self confidence and self love. The act of sharing these artworks takes boldness, in a world that likes to objectify and sexualise our bodies, while often stripping the sacred essence away.


For me, light that shines through my altar lights represents the power and natural intelligence our bodies hold.


Pussy Cast Art

Reclaiming our Erotic Beauty.

My work is driven by a desire to bring back reverence and deep appreciation to our beauty-filled genitals.

At Eden this year I will be offering on site plaster casting for men and women, genitals and breasts.

I will also be displaying my beautiful altar lights in secluded spots around the site. Some can be purchased or ordered .



Eden Official Photographer and Photoshooting Sessions

Eden Festival Official Photographer who will be capturing magic moments during the festival and Kira will also being offering photo shooting at Eden, see below a bit about Kira’s works.

Who I am or who am I not?

Lens as the bridge to the language spoken in the only constant of the change of life. Within You. And burning in the fire of passion for this work within me.

I am here to see You. Embrace You. Capture that note which ripples through your heart. I am humbled and in awe. Of what I am offered to witness.

It is not me to "do" as I am just the extension of that which comes through. What you bring within. We connect with the land. We listen. We dwell in space. We move. We are still. Whatever is it You feel to be seen, captured, witnessed.

It is a circle - no role, no pose. We are in that space together. And what comes is a mystery. To me. And I am always in awe, what is born through.

I do not know - I trust that if you hear the calling we will find way to each other.

Let's dance the movement of Life. Together.

As the Earth is our beloved and this body our temple. And we can sing the chorus.

You can find my work on these platforms


To contact whatsapp +420720360660 or messenger

It's my deepest honor to bring myself back to the lands of NZ and support Eden festival as this is the land and community where I have died many times and where my offerings has been born few years ago.

I'll be in new zealand juts few weeks so if you are interested to work with me write me a message for bookings. I also offer other creations to support your journey - like website creation, graphic and illustrations and videography.

Bring me your muse and we will dance.

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