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Abhaya Liisa Lahti

Body Worship (Temple) 

This temple is a dedicated space for honoring our bodies in all their glory and with all they carry. This includes the eros, sensuality and the sexual lifeforce but also the shame and untold stories in us and the playfulness of the bodies. The aim of the temple is to listen to the body and give to it what it asks. It could be nourishment through touch, erotic wild connection, words of appraisal, sharing playfulness and innocent flow with other bodies or being witnessed by others in what you don't want to carry anymore in your body. We are making more space for your body’s true expression and lifeforce beyond the mind's stories, past experiences and conditioning we have. This is a sweet and innocent space that can hold all the beautiful expressions we have.

Abhaya Liisa Lahti

I am a combination of a gentle searcher of the heart and a fierce fire dragon. Native to Finland with shamanic and witchy qualities from the Nordic nature and customs. I light up when I feel the magic created collectively by people coming together and opening themselves up for the mystery of life. Big fangirl of life, laughter and joy. Here to serve the amazingness of each one of us, the temples and the freedom of one humanity. Carrying titles such as an environmental engineer, craniosacral and family constellation practitioner, ISTA assistant, cook and a sailor.

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