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Adam Robertson


Twerkwerk® is a profound way to gain confidence, feel empowered, connect into your body, release trauma and stagnant energy, be in community, all while having FUN!

Twerkwerk is a unique and empowering modality that combines Breathwork and Twerking to help individuals connect with their confidence, expression, and community. Liberating both the nervous system and creating somatic release.

Queer Inclusion Panel

A panel to discuss queer inclusivity in the sacred sexuality fields and festival and event spaces - a panel of four queer folk considering and sharing around this topic - looking back and moving forward - queer inclusivity from systems, community and individuals.

Adam Robertson

Adam Robertson is the Founder of Twerkwerk® and has a background in Neurosomatics, Psychosomatics and over 8 different trained modalities including Breathwork, Havening Techniques® and Reflexology. Adam has been holding space for the last 3.5 years with clients 1:1, in groups and retreats, having also successfully toured around all of NZ on a 3 month NZ TOUR. Adam brings the spiritual component in a very grounded manner that ignites fun, freedom and aliveness! Removing stigma, conditioning and shame, all while creating safe and non-judgemental spaces for people to explore the depths of their experience and existence.

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