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Aiesha Isis Grierson

Weaving Hearts (Temple)

We invite you to a temple of exploring connection together.

We will guide you into connection with your own energy and in exploring meetings with others, while anchored deeply from within.

We will lead you through a series of practices designed to support opening in connection gently.

Together we will explore many places in which we communicate and connect with ourselves and others. Spoken and unspoken.

The space is suitable for all curious hearts in all bodies.

No prior experience is needed. Please come in clothing you feel comfortable in and can move freely.

Aiesha Isis Grierson

Aiesha has a great love for the human heart and the aliveness and depth that can be found in moments of connection. Aiesha has been living a life focused around deep nature connection for the last 6 years, she finds in Earth a pathway of connection to Soul and is passionate about supporting deeper connection through this portal.

 Aiesha’s most recent years living and training with Highden Temple have supported a softening and opening of her heart, opening a new pathway of love for humanity. Lover of the life and magic that resides within all hearts, Aiesha brings a gentle sensitivity and wild excitement to group spaces.

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