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Amelie Mehru

Voice Ritual

Your voice is a portal to the soul and a bridge-builder between the inside and the outside, between pelvis and heart, between you and the beyond. 

This ritual opens the space for you to experience deeper intimacy with life and explore the connection beyond words with yourself, the others in the circle as well as the more-than-human community. 

For part of the ritual we’ll rest into darkness to open our senses to the inner worlds and our deep listening.

Bring your prayers and longings as each song is an offering with the voice as the medicine. You are welcome as you are no matter what beliefs you may hold about your voice.

Amelie Mehru

Amelie Mehru is a singer-songwriter, vocal improviser, ceremonial artist and voice mentor from Germany, currently living in Australia. She's passionate to weave connection through voice & song and guide people on their journey of soul.

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