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Antoine Lacoste

Cacao Trance Dance Ritual

By Antoine & Dylan

An intentional, heart opening sacred space supporting your personal journey of soul emergence and embodied exploration. The Amaru Ceremonial Cacao will be offered as an uplifting, high vibrational potion that will enhance our vital energy and imagination for the shamanic trance dance journey. Encompassing a blend of tribal music, breath of fire and eyes covered, this dance ritual will easily transport you into the timeless inner world of the soul, where it’s possible to receive powerful insights and revelations, answer life questions and experience profound transformation and healing.

Into the Dark Matter Temple

By Kaya Levin & Antoine Lacoste

Like a river led by gravity to the core of your being. Surrender to the strings of divine will and explore the subtlest, slowest embodiment of ecstasy. Intimacy beyond any wanting or doing.

Antoine Lacoste

Antoine Lacoste

Born an outsider, raised a nomad, shaped by the waves and graduated as an economist, Antoine is a seeker of places where the ancient meets the new and dances with the unknown. He is a shamanic trance dance guide and has been teaching the yogic arts of the Sivananda lineage since 2016. For the last couple of years, Antoine has been on a deep ascending and descending soul journey linked with Highden mystery school. He's an ecstatic ray of sunshine devoted to the mysteries of the heart.

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