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Dylan Kaufman

Cacao Trance Dance Ritual

By Antoine & Dylan

An intentional, heart opening sacred space supporting your personal journey of soul emergence and embodied exploration. The Amaru Ceremonial Cacao will be offered as an uplifting, high vibrational potion that will enhance our vital energy and imagination for the shamanic trance dance journey. Encompassing a blend of tribal music, breath of fire and eyes covered, this dance ritual will easily transport you into the timeless inner world of the soul, where it’s possible to receive powerful insights and revelations, answer life questions and experience profound transformation and healing.

Morning Practice: Qigong

5 Elements Qi Yoga Flow is a movement meditation that explores an art of self-healing by utilising simple yet powerful practices that help us to cultivate internal energy and self mastery. This offers a synthesis of ancient practices including yoga, qigong, and shamanism. These healing arts awakens a holistic mind-body-soul connection and catalyses a return to a balanced, grounded and connected state.

Remembrance Prayer & Cacao Temple

By Vicki & Dylan

In this beautiful offering we will be working with the ancient medicine of the central and South America cacao. The medicine you will be drinking, originates from Peru. In our world where much is accelerating, shifting, transforming and changing we are faced with navigating our day to day lives to meet realities moving constantly. Alongside the transient realities of our human experience are unwavering places deep in our core that we can connect with anytime. An anchor of our deepest essence/truth that is always present and available to connect with whenever we need. The sacred act of prayer can be a place where we seek guidance and help. It can also be a place where we align with the deep knowing of our being, when temporary veils of forgetfulness fall upon us. So beautiful to know we can come back to remembrance any time. Prayer connecting us with that inside us that is omnipresent and waiting to inform us whenever we are available to listen. Cacao is a beautiful Earth medicine that has been used for thousands of years by many cultures in the Americas, such as the Mayans and the Aztecs. Cacao is a sacred medicine of the heart and these people used the medicine in the ceremonies of prayer, to assist them to hear messages from the great beyond. Dylan and Vicki will be leading you through a beautiful ceremony, with cacao as the medicine and teacher. There will be the opportunity to explore these themes in connection with others and an opportunity to be immersed in prayer together.

Dylan Kaufman

Dylan Kaufman

He is a transformational coach, integration guide, artist, educator and facilitator in the realms of healing arts, embodiment, plant medicines and holistic wellbeing.

Dylan guides clients and groups through mind-body practices and therapeutic arts to restore holistic health. He supports people through challenging periods of life and times of transition by supporting them to self-heal, transform trauma, and awaken their deep self. He supports others to access and build internal resources for wellbeing and resilience with holistic tools and methodologies. He is a guide for those seeking personal transformation and soul awakening - the emerging pioneers of the heart who wish to move towards wholeness, vibrant health, and renewal of the spirit.

Dylan’s work opens to the healing wisdom of the body, the deep self, and the unique myths at the centre of each soul. The spaces that he creates are opportunities for soul emergence, vital life force energy cultivation, creativity and direct experience of the Mystery. He unfolds the teachings of yoga, mystery schools and earth-honouring traditions to support the cultivation of new culture. Dylan is the founder of Elemental Flow, a body of work re-awakening human divinity and openness to the forces which create and uphold life.

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