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Earth Eros

By Aiesha Isis & Enki

Amongst the rich life of the veggie garden, we will play in the erotic innocence of being in a body. Attuning to the pulse of life running through us, always. Connecting us to existence. 

We’ll explore what is alive in the body, establishing direct communication with what is flowing there—that intrinsic all knowing place in our heart and puku. 

Moving together from that place, we will drop into a field of depth and richness that carries us beyond the limits of the mind where we can be seen and felt in our true essence. 


Enki Martinez

Combine the dedication to consciousness of a Zen monastery with the emergent, chaotic beauty of Burning Man, and squeeze it into a human body: Enki is dedicated to the playful embrace of all that we are as a path to awakening.

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