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Gaia Eros

Living in the Gift

From personality to soul currency It's not about having the money to afford an experience, it's about the generosity that radiates from your heart because of the experience you went through. Methods and approaches to shift from a speculative to a regenerative exchange.

Gaia Eros

Permaculture Design and Vipassana Meditation initiated me to life's beauty and uniqueness, to the synergy between ecosystems and every being that is part of it. Regular self-pleasure practice supported me coming out of depression, finding my center, understanding my needs, recognising my traumas, welcoming my fears and opening up to life. ISTA and the Temple Arts gifted me the awareness of power and consent, the alchemy and integration of polarities and the connection with the divine within. My passion is to shine light on the vital energy that flows within and between each of us. I am here to practice and share what lead me to a rich, happy and energised life: breathwork, contact improv, meditation, mindfulness, gift economy and conscious intimacy."

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