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Jaime Howell

Evening Music and Poetry

Poetry and Presence with Jaime

A musical weaving of mytho poetry and original songs exploring some of the stages of the human journey into embodied soul. Themes such as; Hearing the call, Going to the mountain, In a dark time and the Boon of belonging.

Morning Dance

Music medicine for the body, heart and soul. This is one of two morning dances that will lead you through a movement cycle of opening, entering, exploring and settling. Jaime is an Open Floor movement teacher with a wild curiosity for dancing into human wholeness.

Jaime Howell

Jaime Howell

Jaime is a wilderness Rites of Passage guide and founder of the Centre for the Great Turning. He is inspired to weave mytho-poetry, music and movement to support humans to transition into and between life stages. For Jaime the Great Turning is a living myth for our time. It speaks to the necessary transition from an techno-industrial growth society to a soulful self sustaining society. Jaime speaks poems by David Whyte, Mary Oliver and other soul poets to weave a transformative and inspiring journey with original songs and interactive conscious dance into the spirit of the Great Turning.

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