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Jen Hyde & Andy Dolling

Playing with Intensity and Tenderness through contact improvisation

An improvisational laboratory where we will fine tune our deep listening skills to create dialogues using our bodies. We will look for how our desires around intensity and tenderness can be met through awareness, authenticity, and courage.

Jen Hyde & Andy Dolling

Jen Hyde Jen is a passionate explorer of movement modalities and authenticity through play, for social change.  Her movement repertoire includes contact improvisation, acro yoga, clown, Circus arts, and Theater of the Oppressed. Her deepest desire is to facilitate spaces that help free the spirit, promote peace & community, & let our inner fools loose.

Andy Dolling

Andy is passionate about learning, sharing & co-creating to work towards peace & justice in the world. Andi is inspired by & a practitioner of movement modalities including aikido, contact improv, Mau Rakau, theatre of the oppressed, clown & contemporary Morris/Pagani dance.

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