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Jo Simpson

Consent Workshop (Mandatory)

Eden Festival aims to ensure a consensual space for its participants to explore, play and learn through their unique embodied experiences. Eden provides 2 hour mandatory consent workshops for all people attending the event. Personal sovereignty and self responsibility are essential aspects for safer spaces, which the workshop supports people to practice and embody. Our vision is to offer you the tools to go inward, find your own YES and NO agency, and move forward in your Eden experience in a full HELL YES or NO body experience. These workshops are run by folks that are qualified under Betty Martins - Wheel of Consent model.

Jo Simpson

I follow where Life has aliveness and flow, trusting  deeply  in  life and offer my soul to service to the sacred and flow of life.

Im an educator early childhood, midwife, sexologist and have studied Betty Martins Wheel of Consent like a Pro.

Im currently in apprenticship with The Red Serpent Tantra  school Israel with Louise Claire. Holding sacredness at the centre .

My life is full of service and soul. This is my prayer.

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