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Jolin Hornbruch

Embodied Connection Temple

A somatic journey to find connection to yourself and your environment

Often we feel isolated. We desire warmth and touch but it also feels too much if someone comes close. This can feel overwhelming and difficult to get out of. This journey is helping you to understand the language of your body, to open your energy channels and work with other humans to build trust, connection and practice surrender.

The journey starts individually, with slow movement, feeling our body as it is today. Through expansion of our awareness we connect to our environment, our earth and other beings around as. How is it to be me in connection with this world? What do I need? We use deep soft breathing to stay in touch with our inner wisdom whilst we are exploring. We bring awareness to our energetic body and with time we open to energetic and physical contact with others. We practice to feel our own desires and boundaries around connection. How can another person support me in feeling myself? How can others support me to feel life force running through me? We explore this through embodiment practices and meridian stretches to vitalise our body with the support of other’s, which feels deeply nourishing and bonding.

There are options of energetic or physical contact to offer a trauma sensitive space and give every participant the desired experience of exploration.

Jolin Hornbruch

Joline’s soul mission is to support humans remembering their essence. As an integrative breathwork therapist, body worker and embodiment coach, she’s supporting humans working through the layers of emotions, protection and conditioning to reach a state of inner flow. With a somatic approach, she’s working with the body in its wholeness to grow awareness of body, mind and soul to remember our intra-connection with everything.

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