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Jonathan Ehrlich

Trauma & Initiation Discussion Panel

By Jonathan Ehrlich & Kara-Leah & Vicki Grey & TBA

Polarity and political debate can only increase during times of crisis and collective initiation. But what wants to reveal beyond polarity? This is a chance to come together, co creating an open space for listening to different perspectives from the worlds of trauma and soul initiation - to feel underneath the polarity for what possible learnings/education are needed to bridge seemingly opposing worlds. We welcome you into this creative exploration of our shared walk as one humanity towards greater wholeness.

The Wild Mythic Temple

By Jonathan Ehrlich & Kaya Levin

A portal into the mythical dimensions through the activation of our oracular vision. This temple is a place to see through the human form into the soul realms always present. We invite you into a wild exploration of who you truly are, from trembling heart to curious creature to roaring volcano.

Shapes of Love Temple

By Manuahi & Victor Santos & Jonathan Ehrlich

An experiential dive into the layers of heart with the intention to meet in-love, being mirrors for each other, and resting into the one heart. Come willing to uncover new pathways unexplored, and to practice embodying the various shapes of love. Let’s melt together into the authentic, tender center of the heart.

Jonathan Ehrlich

Jonathan Ehrlich

For Jonathan, life has always felt like a wild, unpredictable act of creativity, and herein lies the magic of soul initiation and his ancient love for Mystery School work—the ongoing dive into the mysteries of the invisible worlds and continuing to follow the intuition of the soul, regardless of what the culture around us tells us to do.

He has been part of Highden Temple for the last five years, helping the school and soul initiatory work continue to ground. Jonathan is here to keep creating the places that support everyone's distinct, shameless expression of human/soul to come alive so we have no choice but to be anything other than who we are, particularly in times of great planetary change.

He feels most excited about this time between civilisations we are in and how we keep aligning to the world we know is coming, but doing it here and now. Jonathan loves leading spaces that bring people into their unique union with the unknown, and allow us to tune into the new forms of Leadership, Love, and Power that are the foundations of the coming civilisation.

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