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Julian Briggs

Masculine Innocence

By the Rose Garden

Victor and Julian will be leading an exploration into the softer parts of the masculine. The places behind the layers of protection that we present to the world. The purity and innocence each of us was born with.

They will be holding a safe space to get behind the walls we have built around our hearts. To express ourselves together, be seen, release shame and find comfort in the knowing that we are not alone on this journey. 

Julian Briggs

Julian has been on a deep journey in recent years with the work of unraveling his masculine conditioning, gaining awareness of his own internal community and learning to love and nurture his inner little boy.

Julian is passionate about bringing this work to other men , to support them to work though their own unconscious patterns of behaviour and to become more familiar with the softer parts of their own beings. To unblock and uncover places they may have suppressed thought their lives as he did.

As well as his passion for this field of work Julian is also an Arborist, Natural builder and Forest school facilitator.

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