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Kāren Hunter

The Existential Cabaret (Temple)

By Karen, Mo, Thomas and Victor

The Existential Cabaret welcomes all voyeurs and deviant variants to come, receive and be amused by our very own organic, gluten free, vegan Eden camembert! 

 This demonic kink extravaganza will feature titillations beyond your wildest imagination, consensual condiments and bountiful boundaries bobbing beyond expectation. 

Roll up! Roll up! We have cleavage, skin suits, juggled balls, mouthed instruments and a feathered fowl for the plucking. 

 Hosted by an international trio of terrible proportions, The Existential Cabaret threatens to dissolve into an experiential Temple on completion.  

You will never be the same. Come delicious.

Kāren Hunter

Kāren Hunter is a (Pākeha) New Zealander of Cornish, Irish and Scottish descent. Kāren’s offerings of Music, Astrology and Ceremony are intended to contribute to the present awakening of humanity. Kāren is also a Zenergy Global trained facilitator and can hold dynamic space with sensitivity.

Kāren’s primary healing modality is music and this includes workshops, lessons, festival performances, shamanic sound journeys and ceremony. Karen is also a consulting astrologer and tarot reader. She combines these two passions into weekly videos she calls ‘Astro Musical Interventions’ and these are posted on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Kāren photo:

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