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Katrina Palmer

Self Marriage Ceremony 

We will start with activities to lower guards and drop into vulnerable authenticity via animal embodiments, eye gazing, and verbal/nonverbal communication. 

Ceremony Part 1: Then I’ll invite you to be witnessed speaking what you are ashamed of and what you are releasing whilst shedding a layer of clothing, symbolizing the vulnerability and nakedness of letting go of our protectors. 

Ceremony Part 2: Empower yourself speaking out your vows to Self. What are you committing to body, mind, soul til death do we part?

Celebration of “first dance” as married Selves. 

Katrina Palmer

Katrina is deeply committed to healing and growing her own capacity to love more. She has been traveling the world and following a tantric path for 5 years and facilitating workshops for 2. She is trained in Somatic Emotional Clearing, Hatha Yoga and ISTA 1 and 2. With a passion and reverence for Life and Death, Katrina is an aspiring Death Doula supporting those transitioning in the liminal realm between material and spirit. Along her journey of empowerment, trust, surrender and authenticity, she is dedicated to holding space for others walking the path.

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