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Kaya Levin

Into the Dark Matter Temple

By Kaya Levin & Antoine Lacoste

Like a river led by gravity to the core of your being. Surrender to the strings of divine will and explore the subtlest, slowest embodiment of ecstasy. Intimacy beyond any wanting or doing.

The Wild Mythic Temple

By Jonathan Ehrlich & Kaya Levin A portal into the mythical dimensions through the activation of our oracular vision. This temple is a place to see through the human form into the soul realms always present. We invite you into a wild exploration of who you truly are, from trembling heart to curious creature to roaring volcano.

Kaya Levin

Kaya Levin

Kaya is a modern interpretation of an embodied priestess, living her life close to the magic sparks that encapsulate even the mundanest of life. She finds her access to remembering divine nature through the enchantment of beauty infused with occultic hypnotic flow states.

The sorceress within her inspires through rituals and temple experiences, working her magick to return home to innocence and every living creature’s birthright of ecstasy and wonderment. She works as Dakini with sexual empowerment rooted in the tantric and mystical traditions through bodily transmissions and the reviving of sacred physical and metaphorical spaces through the mysteries of feminine nature.

Her home has been Highden Mystery School for the last four years.

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