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Kayla Kitchen

Taste Your Roots

The experience offers a deep movement practice that connects you to your body, your chakra system and the foods that nourish each energy center in efforts to form a deeper knowing to what type of nourishment your body is craving at any given moment. In addition we will have time to somatically connect to one another through food and contact collaborative movement.

Boundaries and Consent

By Kim Saama & Kayla Kitchen & Mandy Rose & Rich Sion RA Windelov

Mandatory for everyone. A window into consent and boundaries to support the foundations of Eden and everyone's authentic moment to moment truth as we co-create the next few days together.

Kayla Kitchen

Kayla Kitchen

Kayla is a dancer and culinary enthusiast from California. Starting with a degree in a culinary anthropology and a mystical dance, Kayla has been moving through these studies for just over eighteen years. With her study of tantra and the arts she has mixed and melded her two loves in unique, playful and penetrating ways that have taken shape through hands on embodiment practices. She enjoys sharing these offerings internationally and continuing to discover how these practices want to move through her.

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