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Kim Saama

Sacred Touch

This space will provide an experiential journey into touch as an extension of our unique Beingness. Western neo-tantric practices and philosophy will be combined with Somatic immersion practices, embodiment and eventually bring us into presence so that we may connect with other beings.

Boundaries and Consent

By Kim Saama & Kayla Kitchen & Mandy Rose & Rich Sion RA Windelov

Mandatory for everyone. A window into consent and boundaries to support the foundations of Eden and everyone's authentic moment to moment truth as we co-create the next few days together.

Empowered and Sacred Touch Temple

By Kim Saama & Mandy Rose

Have you ever endured receiving touch you didn't enjoy? Given touch that you weren't sure about? Not been able to get your touch needs met?

To fully drop into blissful fulfilling touch experiences we need to be willing to ask for what we want, receive a heartfelt yes/no/renegotiation when giving, experiment and interact within our edges with open curiosity.

This Temple is an opportunity to experiment this beautiful aspect of our human experience in a safely held space

Power & Surrender Rope Temple

By Kim Saama & Scarlet Darling

This Temple will explore consensual power dynamics using rope and intentional sensational play to create a scene or dynamic that can be profound or profane.

We request that all participants have covered genitals for the duration.

Kim Saama

Kim Saama

Kim is a practicing sacred somatic sexuological body-worker and lover of life's mysteries. She has been following her soul to discover the beauty and depth of being in-body (embodied) all her life and offers alongside other passionate international and local facilitators. As an integrative practitioner she includes guidance and teachings of multiple disciplines, including psychology, somatic experiencing, Tantra, CTM, Yoga, Buddhism, energy work and modern mystery schools of the Temple Arts.

"It is my great honor to serve the world soul, source, the divine life force, cosmic wisdom in each of us so we may embody the sacred expression that has chosen to move through our being in this life.

I love sharing transformational journeys of sacred discovery so we may live with greater authenticity, freedom, pleasure - empowered and vibrantly alive".

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