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Kim Saama

Sacred Touch Intimacy Ritual (Demo)

By Kim Saama and Victor Santos

Sacred Touch Intimacy Ritual is an authentic demonstration of of Yoni and Lingam massage. This offering is a place to witness and to honour an alternative model of sexual expression as prayer and service to the beloved. The ritual comes from ancient traditions where erotic arts are used for healing and deeply connecting to the spirit inherent within matter, every cell, breath and expression. An acknowledgement of the Sacred in sexuality.

Power & Surrender (Temple)

By Kim Saama and Scarlet Darling

This Temple is an opportunity to explore consensual dynamics of touch, sensation and power. It is a space to come together for intentional play to create a scene or dynamic of your choosing. Explore your edges, develop your curiosity by consciously choosing and exposing your genuine desires with each other. Choose to accept your desire to dominate or surrender, top or bottom, receive or serve. Be profound, be profane be powerful in your alignment to your truth.

This is a guided space where consent & boundaries are essential to explore primal play, BDSM, for impact & sensation play, rope tie and more.

Living Authenticity

By Kim Saama and Alexandre Alcacer

A conversation and sharing space. After beautiful peak experiences and workshops how can stay within their vibration of deeper intimacy and greater authentic self expression? What can we do with our longing to live in alignment with our truth, our soul's unique note and in connectivity with others? Alexander and Kim offer an open forum integration space to connect with each other and explore ways to continue to unveil our authentic self, despite projections, fears and vulnerability.

Kim Saama

Kim is a practicing sacred somatic sexuological body-worker and lover of life's mysteries. She has been following her soul to discover the beauty and depth of being in-body (embodied) all her life and offers alongside other passionate international and local facilitators. As an integrative practitioner she includes guidance and teachings of multiple disciplines, including psychology, somatic experiencing, Tantra, CTM, Yoga, Buddhism, energy work and modern mystery schools of the Temple Arts.

"It is my great honor to serve the world soul, source, the divine life force, cosmic wisdom in each of us so we may embody the sacred expression that has chosen to move through our being in this life.

I love sharing transformational journeys of sacred discovery so we may live with greater authenticity, freedom, pleasure - empowered and vibrantly alive".

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