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Laurie King

Embodied Relating

Are you desiring a safe space to see and be seen, to hold and be held? Embodied Relating is an interpersonal meditation. It is the practice of listening, speaking and touching in deeper awareness of presence and sensation, allowing us to weave richer, more truthful, more loving connections with one another. You are invited to explore your curiosity, vulnerability and boundaries through a journey of deep and meaningful communication and contact games. Participants often walk away with a profound sense of well-being, and an experiential toolkit that they can use right away to make every part of their lives even better.

Laurie King

Laurie King Laurie is a dedicated to enabling human-to-human relationships to arise, deepen and flourish. He has organised and facilitated over 200 Authentic Relating, Dating and Embodiment workshops in Oceania and Europe. His training includes the Authentic Life Course, the International School of Temple Arts, and the Connection Institute. His portfolio includes internationally acclaimed festivals such as Stretch, and organisations such as ART International.

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