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Lene Van Steenwinkel

Tantric Connection through the 5 Elements

A sensual experience within a safe container, in which you connect with yourself, and optionally with others, with the energy of each element/chakra. Discover what is your 'base' element in which you naturally connect (sexually) and how you can spice up & deepen connection.

The space will be divided in 2 zones: A 'Connecting to Self' and a 'Connecting to Others'-zone. Within the 'Connecting to Others'-zone mattresses are laid out. Through a set of hand signals, we know how deeply each person wants to dive into the connection. Kissing, touching of genitals or nudity is not allowed during this session.

Lene Van Steenwinkel

Lene is a Dance/Movement Therapist and Anthropologist that brings the wisdom of different tribes and cultures together, to help people to connect with their body, community and nature. She is a certified Dance/Movement Therapist trained in Authentic Movement, Laban-Bartennieff, Somatic Experiencing, Osho Meditations and breathwork. She also studied 5Elements Dance Activation™, Butoh, Burlesque, Contact Dance, Contemporary Dance, Tantra, Druidism, Theatre of the Oppressed, Art of Mentoring, Social Work and Development Aid. Lene works a lot with the subconscious, archetypes and mythology. She wrote a thesis investigation about the potent combination of Dance/Movement Therapy and Dreamwork, and offers this with her organisation 'Embodied Dreamworkers'. With 'Kula Dance', she weaves Kula (=tribe) together, organizing women circles, workshops, retreats and creating sacred space and ceremonies at festivals all over the globe.

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