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Mandy Rose

Boundaries and Consent

By Kim Saama & Kayla Kitchen & Mandy Rose & Rich Sion RA Windelov

Mandatory for everyone. A window into consent and boundaries to support the foundations of Eden and everyone's authentic moment to moment truth as we co-create the next few days together.

Empowered and Sacred Touch Temple

By Kim Saama & Mandy Rose

Have you ever endured receiving touch you didn't enjoy? Given touch that you weren't sure about? Not been able to get your touch needs met?

To fully drop into blissful fulfilling touch experiences we need to be willing to ask for what we want, receive a heartfelt yes/no/renegotiation when giving, experiment and interact within our edges with open curiosity.

This Temple is an opportunity to experiment this beautiful aspect of our human experience in a safely held space

Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose

Mandy is an Erotic Educator and Certified Somatic Sexologist, who helps people unlock their full pleasure potential and sexual mastery in and out of the bedroom. She believes that the soma (mind, body, spirit connection) is an innate source of wisdom and guidance. That by shifting our focus to subtleties and nuance within the body and it's story, is the key to embodied sexual mastery. Mandy is certified in Sexological Bodywork from the Institute of Somatic Sexology. She also draws on her vast knowledge and lived experience in Tantra and the ancient Temple Arts, modern-day Mystery Schools, various bodywork modalities including traditional therapeutic Thai massage, authentic movement, yoga and meditative practices to guide and support others on their journey. When she is not hyping herself up @evoke_eros and crafting social media campaigns spreading the good word. You can find Mandy tying herself to every piece of furniture in sight as she practices her hobby of Japanese rope bondage, aka Shibari.

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