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Mo Libertad

The Existential Cabaret (Temple)

By Karen, Mo, Thomas and Victor

The Existential Cabaret welcomes all voyeurs and deviant variants to come, receive and be amused by our very own organic, gluten free, vegan Eden camembert! 

 This demonic kink extravaganza will feature titillations beyond your wildest imagination, consensual condiments and bountiful boundaries bobbing beyond expectation. 

Roll up! Roll up! We have cleavage, skin suits, juggled balls, mouthed instruments and a feathered fowl for the plucking. 

 Hosted by an international trio of terrible proportions, The Existential Cabaret threatens to dissolve into an experiential Temple on completion.  

You will never be the same. Come delicious.

Mo Libertad

I am a passionate playful galactic unicorn, who longs to interact with the essence of love and life, the multitude of expression, lightness, darkness, movement and stillness. A part-time freelance explorer and a navigator in the realms of the heart and soul, I am utterly fascinated with the power of music, theatre and the arts in bringing people together and creating ripples in the fabric of the cosmos. 

I long to meet and play with fellow souls who dare to investigate how such individual ripples intertwine - into wild magic. Colourful dragons, sultry pirates, foxy goblins, soulful clowns, witches, fools and ballerinas - let's. have. some. fun!

Through my life's journey I've participated in the NZ ISTA/Highden field on and off, for just about a decade - very thankful for the growth and aliveness I gained -  and can't wait to reconnect with the tribe and meet new friends!

Also, I look froward to co-create the Existential Cabaret - a magnificent delicious-mischievous teamwork that will provoke and procreate transformative spacetime warps for all to have at the very least - a delightful time! 

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