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Olivia Jensen

The Earth Erotic (Temple)

A calling of bodies to merge with the eternal life force of the Earth, through ritual and connection to ourselves and each other. The invitation is to traverse the landscapes of earth Eros and the vibration of pleasure in matter. May we open to the erotic current of the earth, to pulse through us, nourish us and activate waves of life force. In this temple we will use ritual, magic and dance to call upon earth energies to open to the current of life force that is possible when we connect and honour the erotic earth.

Olivia Jensen

Olivia is a a soul worker, lover of ritual magic and seeker of freedom.

I love to create spaces for expansion and growth and find ways for more of our wild and real soul expression to be out there in the world. I am a writer, lover and devotee to temple culture and its everyday access and embodiment.

After many years of seeking and searching, I find myself here.. following life and its unfolding.. I call upon many years of soul work, sacred sexuality, teaching yoga and a lived experience of shifting to a life rooted in soul culture to offer soul support for growth, emergence and integration of the spiritual path, tantric massage and sexual healing. I long for more spaces for hungry untamed hearts to call home. Olivia can be found at @souls.nest.

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