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Richard Sion Ra Windelov

Temple of Being 4 One

A Co-Created Transformational Ceremony, which brings together The Light and Dark Feminine and The Light and Dark Masculine.  Meeting these energies within and feeling safe for them to be seen, heard, acknowledged, celebrated and loved.  Creating empowerment and healthy inner relationships that recognises the diversity and the unity of Being.Everyone is invited to bring along your presence, love, superpowers, gift's talents and consciousness.  We will weave through movement, tone, expression, connection and intention.  Feel free to Bring musical instruments and a playful spirit and we can co-create a beautiful safe space flowing with experience, Graceful activation and integration of Living Love.

There may be space for  a channeling of Sananda and Lady Nada, Jeshua and Magdalene and a chance to embody this Divine Union.

This will Be facilitated in The moment and will also depend on who shows as we will start with a circle and you can express what you want/need... wish for...

2023 Free Be See… Ye

Slow sensuous flow to grow and know, the integrated alignment of 1023.  A Journey to Te RA, The Sun, The centre of our Solar System and connecting that with The Galactic Core and The Center of The Earth.  The Presence and Energy of Venus will be here to bring deep love, abundance, and Mauri ora to  to our cells and energy systems.  Nurturing and sustaining, integrating The Eden Experience.  Grounding Bodywork and Self Love.

Boundaries and Consent

By Kim Saama & Kayla Kitchen & Mandy Rose & Rich Sion RA Windelov

Mandatory for everyone. A window into consent and boundaries to support the foundations of Eden and everyone's authentic moment to moment truth as we co-create the next few days together.

Richard Sion Ra Windelov

Richard Sion Ra Windelov

Richard was born in the town of Wanaka in The Southern Alps of New Zealand.  A sensitive since childhood, he began his awakening at The age of 21 when He healed himself from a Broken back and Smashed Face.  This began a new education in The Arts of Healing and Transformation.  He is a Reiki Master, Minister(Bachelor of Divinity), Channel, Practicing Shaman, Energy Healer, Inner Child Therapist, Sound Healer, Teacher/Therapist of Tantra, and Councillor.He has also Healed himself from, Cancer, A Brain Tumour, Many Physical Injuries (including a 2nd broken back experience) and Mental Illness (severe depression).   This has all been great practice and very educational.  Sion has been acknowledged as a ‘spiritual teacher’ by The Karmapa Lama, as his Dhama.  He is grateful to have been able to teach several hundred workshops around the World and to Be part of many Festivals and Seminars.  His teaching/healing/presenting/sessions are practical, insightful and empowering.  Humour and Love and a great part of his work and creating a Safe Space for people to move through the challenges of life.Trying to define what Sion does is… interesting, as Every Session and Workshop is different.  He has the ability to tune in with each person or group and bring through what is needed. There are  many many Techniques and Processes he can call upon to create a bespoke transformative experience. He has the potential to access the subconscious and the deep old stories of life and through support, non-judgement, compassion, understanding, and empowerment bring about clarity, realignment and realisation.

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