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Sarah Beale 

The Portal: Breathwork Journey & Tibetan Bowl Sound-healing

Enter a portal beyond space & time, to Let go and Let in. With the natural power of Conscious Connected Breathwork to let go of past versions of self, let emotions be released, move through blocks, both personal & ancestral, at the same time inviting in the new, welcoming fresh energy, lightness and vitality. Integrate and rest deeply at the finish with the peaceful sounds of the Tibetan Bowls.

Kundalini Yoga & Tibetan Bowls

Energizing morning Kundalini yoga practice. Suitable for everyone. With the potency of breath, postures, mantra and sound current, Kundalini yoga shakes your mind, body and spirit awake and will spark your radiance from the inside out. Concluding with a deeply relaxing Tibetan bowl shavasana.

Sarah Beale 

Sarah Beale is an experienced Yoga teacher and group facilitator for Breathwork, Tibetan Bowl Soundhealing, Meditation and Cacao Ceremony. She operated her own Yoga & Wellness Studio in Hawkes Bay, NZ for 5 years, has taught for over 10 years, offers retreats and shares numerous offerings, experiences and teachings at Summer festivals. She continues to teach a vibrant community of yogis throughout Hawkes Bay. 

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