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Sarah Stellar  

Using Pleasure to Ease your Pain

Do you ever find yourself in some dark personal growth holes and what you're craving is an oasis of relief? What if you could feel so deliciously resourced that when you enter into pain, you know the path back to pleasure? You have everything you need inside of you already, and having the right tools and guidance is essential to allow you to access and apply your innate ability to hold yourself. In this trauma-informed and embodied workshop, you'll be guided to explore multiple different resources that regulate your nervous system and allow you to rest in pleasure. We'll then embed these practices deeper into your neural pathways which make them even more accessible during tough times. This is designed for you to increase trust in your own ability to hold yourself and grow. As we move into some pain, you'll have the tangible tools and knowledge you need to self process in bite sized, manageable pieces. Take these tools with you for life. This workshop is inspired by trauma-informed mindfulness somatic therapy, dance and 'parts' work. Are you ready to feel more capable and resourced within yourself? Come and find out how.

Sarah Stellar  

Sarah Stellar is a Pleasure and Power Coach and facilitator helping mainly women embody their innate feminine power and experience pleasure-filled intimacy. Her favourite thing is walking alongside clients who either feel stuck or who want more, and witnessing their incredible unfolding journey into expanded confidence, radiance and wholeness. Her trauma-informed practice is influenced by somatics, embodiment, ‘Parts’ work, dance, Te Tiriti, Tantra, Daosim, ecotherapy and adventure therapy. She lives in Ōtepoti/Dunedin with her wonderful partner growing organic food and overlooking the ocean.

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