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Scarlet Darling

Ichi-go Ichi-e (One time, one meeting)

Learn to use shibari (Rope bondage) to treasure the nature of a moment. Ichi-go ichi-e is a term that traces as far back as the 16th century in Japanese tea ceremonies; It reminds people to embrace the transient nature of experience and connection. This workshop will teach a few simple but effective ties to assist us in being fully present and able to allow these “once in a lifetime” moments to be acknowledged and appreciated. Even with the same people in the same place, a gathering or connection cannot be repeated. Where possible we will move between partners to share multiple short moments in appreciation for all that we as individuals bring to these shared experiences.

Expressing Desire (BDSM)

While BDSM is predominantly used by loving couples in the bedroom as a way to engage in consensual power exchange, sadomasochism and other roleplay, it can be difficult to disclose and explore our intimate desires face to face in the moment. Understanding how we express desire can affect your interactions outside the bedroom can help you to reclaim your power and personal agency, and lead you to transformative sexual-sensual experiences.

Discover how body positions, clothing, ritual and consent can enhance your sexual-sensual experiences. Scarlet and Pixie will guide you as you acknowledge and verbalise your kinky desires so you can playfully express them through bdsm. We will cover some of the common terms used in bdsm communities to discuss kink, desire and safety, and guide you through kink activities that explore power exchange and ritual. 

Blindfolds and other kinky items will be provided during the workshop

Power & Surrender Rope Temple

By Kim Saama & Scarlet Darling

Sorry, more information coming soon!

Scarlet Darling

Scarlet Darling

After stumbling into BDSM in the UK as a young adult, Scarlet has been teaching Shibari (Japanese rope bondage) in NZ since 2011 and runs The Auckland Rope Dojo. After a short career as a piano and ballroom dance teacher, she decided that kink was the life for her and now works as a Dominatrix and BDSM educator, devoting her time to the study of consent, human sexuality, anatomy and shibari. Passionate about kink education, Scarlet runs weekly shibari workshops and monthly BDSM workshops and parties from her Dojo in West Auckland.

Rope is her first love in the kink world, closely followed by sadomasochism and energy exchange. In her personal play she most commonly uses semenawa, rope suspension and wax but is comfortable teaching and answering questions on all things rope and kink related. Equally happy tying or being tied, you can usually find her with rope in her hand.

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