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Scarlet Darling

Ichi-go Ichi-e: One Time, One Meeting

Learn to use shibari (Rope bondage) to treasure the nature of a moment. Ichi-go ichi-e is a term that traces as far back as the 16th century in Japanese tea ceremonies; It reminds people to embrace the transient nature of experience and connection. This workshop will teach a few simple but effective ties to assist us in being fully present and able to allow these “once in a lifetime” moments to be acknowledged and appreciated. Even with the same people in the same place, a gathering or connection cannot be repeated. Where possible we will move between partners to share multiple short moments in appreciation for all that we as individuals bring to these shared experiences.


All rope and safety shears will be provided

This is not a workshop for couples who wish to stay paired together. 

BDSM 101

The pleasure and pain centres of the brain are so closely linked that we no longer question the delightful but stinging warmth of candle wax on our fingertips. Learn how to alternate between gentle and painful touches, scratching, soothing and restraining to create pleasure in the body. We will play with pacing and intensity within a scene and how it relates to the breath.

This workshop can be done with a partner or solo. We will use safewords and teach continuous negotiation to ensure people are not pushed outside their limits. 

Queer Inclusion Panel

A panel to discuss queer inclusivity in the sacred sexuality fields and festival and event spaces - a panel of four queer folk considering and sharing around this topic - looking back and moving forward - queer inclusivity from systems, community and individuals.

Scarlet Darling

Scarlet is a professional Shibari teacher and dominatrix. As of 2023 her Shibari and kink venue, the Auckland Rope Dojo, is an accredited Kazami-Ryu school. Scarlet uses her background in education, music, dance and massage to inform her teachings around the practice of Shibari. 

Scarlet Darling will be assisted by her long time rope partner, Pixie Sapphire. Over the years they have developed a strong rope relationship and a dark sense of humour. Together they have helped hundreds navigate their Shibari and bdsm journeys using an empathetic approach that is based around understanding individual experiences. We have seen things. We have done things. We are so delighted to share those things with you!!

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