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Shaunie Love

Soul Gazing and Heart Sharing

Welcome to a sacred space for deep connection, care and love. Here we open our eyes to meet each other through the doorway of our soul. To meet beyond our mind, weaving our hearts together as one. This intimate space will welcome you to connect with other souls and share some deep heart feelings. A space for you to land into your truth and place an intention on the altar.

Crystal Sound Healing 

Relax and surrender into the realm of your inner world as you receive the  healing vibrations of sound. Welcoming  you to soften and deepen into a meditative journey through mind, heart, body and soul. Shaunie Love is here to guide you through a heart warming and nourishing journey into the unknown. You are welcome to bring blankets or pillows that offer you more comfort.

Shaunie Love

Shaunie Love is a sacred sexuality facilitator in devotion to the heart opening majik that unfolds when we gather in ceremony. In honour to the divine power and life force energy that is  nature moving through us.

Shaunie Love has a deep passion for manifestation through connection and pleasure. The portals that we can discover within our physical vessels and each unique connection with others can be transformational and expansive. Auckland based tantric temple priestess offers 1:1 and group eros temples for souls to experience being in there freedom of sensuality and pleasure. Welcoming sacred spaces for souls to open there hearts, be held and connect with other forms of life. Creating space for you to explore your own psyche and ways of being. Calling in your power to manifest your greatest dreams into reality.

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