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Summer Nanai

Pō - Intimacy with the void (Temple)

By Summer Nanai-stewart and Alexandre Alcacer

In Maori and Pasifika culture Te Pō means darkness, the void, the realm of the gods and underworld. This is what we will explore within ourselves and with each other. Let's journey together in the earthen dark room as one into the void that exists beyond form. The seat of universal love.

This is an introduction into the dark body. You will be blindfolded and invited to journey within your own energetic body and through movement and sensory exploration surrender to the formless current of the universe that exists within. Then we will merge this with one another through a guided exploration in group to tune into the current of life as a group. 

Summer Nanai

Summer is a body and energy practitioner. Having journeyed with body therapy she is passionate about holding spaces for others to journey deep within their own energetic bodies and support the integration of mind, body and soul. 

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