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Tarisha Tourok

Awaken the Magic of Your Sensitivity

Many people view their sensitivity as a weakness or find themselves living in their heads, disconnected from their bodies. In this workshop you'll learn to fully embrace your sensitivity and unlock its incredible gifts. You'll feel a newfound confidence and peace within yourself, as you tap into the magic and beauty of your own sensations. And the best part? Your relationships will flourish with more intimacy and connection, all because you've learned to trust and honour your sensitivity. During our session, you'll discover the joy of surrendering to the sensations and experiencing the world around you in a whole new way. It's a journey of self-discovery and pleasure that will leave you feeling more alive than ever before. There is no sexual touch of any kind in this workshop.

Tantric Breath

Experience breathwork practice that will awaken your life force energy and deepen your connection to yourself, the physical world, and those around you. In this workshop, I'll guide you to soften and open your heart, allowing you to experience the sacredness of life through intimate heart-to-heart connections and rediscover the joy of being alive. As we appreciate our own physicality, we naturally treat the world and other humans with reverence. During our time together, we'll explore the beautiful dance between contraction and expansion in both your heart and body. You'll learn how to slow down, connect with yourself on a deeper level, and then authentically open your heart to others without losing that vital connection to yourself. We'll dive into the art of authentic relating, discovering how to be true to yourself while connecting with others in a responsive and harmonious way. Get ready to find that place of resonance and connection with the world around you.

Tarisha Tourok

I'm a passionate advocate for sexual empowerment, with a proven track record of helping hundreds of women reclaim their desire, feel radiant, confident and know deep in their bones that their value is never in question. I also love working with couples and see the spark of newfound love in their eyes. Breathwork and activating our sensitivity are my favourite tools at the moment.

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