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Tarisha Tourok

Radiant Woman (for female bodies or identifying as a woman)

A process for women to silence their inner body-shaming critic and a process to connect to their radiant feminine essence. This will support women to connect to the power & beauty of their sexuality.

Tantric Breath

Experience Tantric breathwork practice to awaken and circulate your sexual energy. You'll learn how to connect heart and sex energies for soul-fulfilling intimacy. You'll enjoy the flow of ecstatic energy through your body and understand how to deeply feel and connect with a partner. You won't even have to touch your partner for this practice and still experience deep and joyful connection.

Tarisha Tourok

Tarisha Tourok

Tarisha is a relationship therapist and a founder of a Radiant Woman movement. Her mission is to support women in transforming their relationship with their body and their sexuality so they become sexually empowered radiant women. She uses her integrated method that includes psychotherapy, breathwork, tantric arts and trauma work to support her clients to create loving and exciting relationships with themselves and their partner so that they live with love, purpose and joy. She offers couple’s therapy, individual counselling, online trainings and live in-person transformational workshops and retreats.

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