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Thomas Tournant

The Existential Cabaret (Temple)

By Karen, Mo, Thomas and Victor

The Existential Cabaret welcomes all voyeurs and deviant variants to come, receive and be amused by our very own organic, gluten free, vegan Eden camembert! 

This demonic kink extravaganza will feature titillations beyond your wildest imagination, consensual condiments and bountiful boundaries bobbing beyond expectation. 

Roll up! Roll up! We have cleavage, skin suits, juggled balls, mouthed instruments and a feathered fowl for the plucking. 

Hosted by an international trio of terrible proportions, The Existential Cabaret threatens to dissolve into an experiential Temple on completion.  

You will never be the same. Come delicious.

Thomas Tournant

For the past 20 years, I have continuously nourished the passion of exploring different ways of expressing myself and beautifully got lost many times. It’s an ongoing journey that took me to be here, now in Aotearoa. 

It feels like a lifetime ago when I used to play guitar or trumpet with bands, juggling with things, places, people and emotions that the red nose wanted me to pass through. lifting people higher, or carrying them on my shoulder, Loved being a donkey devoted to arts and risks serving the circus (w)hole… 

 Moving my body with objects, moving objects with my body.

At times I have been confused and asked myself why, and yet I miss it.

After a few years of dropping myself into temple arts I found that I am devoted to what needs to come out in whatever form that may serve something bigger than just entertainment.

Seeker of truths, Jack of all trades, master of none, always challenging myself to be creative and playful with an authentic and genuine curiosity that brings me back on stage. 

As I reconnect through this sacred space, I bow, full of gratefulness for the trust and the people I have and had the chance to co-create with.

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