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Tony Thorn

Queer Inclusion Panel

A panel to discuss queer inclusivity in the sacred sexuality fields and festival and event spaces - a panel of four queer folk considering and sharing around this topic - looking back and moving forward - queer inclusivity from systems, community and individuals.

Tony Thorn

Tony is passionate about creating transformational spaces for queer

beings, beings of diversity, beings who sit outside the expected norms,

those beings that show up in uniquely different ways.

My desire to create these spaces, was stirred out of a traumatic experience

at a young age, I was raped by several men, who were gay, this sacred

volitation was my first sexual experience, it impacted how I navigated the

world, it informed the early years of my sexuality, how I had sex and how I

related – my journey was being unconsciously impacted by this incident. I

never understood why I felt unsafe in the world, why relating to people was

so difficult. After decades of traditional therapy, I got curious and choose to

dive deeply into my trauma, exploring non-traditional ways to heal - to feel

safe – to relate – to have sex - not only in my own body but in the world, I

was navigating.

This started an exploration of training in different healing modalities,

choosing to focus in on somatic modalities and approaches, Hakomi

Psychotherapy – Embodied counselling – co-creative counselling -

Conscious Relating- Shamanic – ISTA 1-2 (International School of Temple

Arts) – crystal Healing – Tantric and Romiromi Bodywork Practitioner –

Level 2 Non-violent communications - somatic approaches to

Trauma/Trauma informed facilitation – Sacred touch facilitator – Heart

circle host.

I’m here to support queer beings to strengthen and deepen their

embodiment, utilities a range of modalities that now translates into a

desire to create spaces for queer beings to do the same. I mentor

individuals. facilitate, both in person and online, workshops and retreats

that support beings on their own sacred journey to embodiment.

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