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Vicki Grey

Ancestors Ritual

This will be a beautiful ritual held under the stars (hopefully, weather willing) near the lake in podland. You will be invited into a co creative prayer and journey with the ancestors, custodians and guardians of this land. Blessings and prayers for the energies we create together in this festival space and beyond. Culminating with an opportunity for you to set your prayers a float in the lake to be received in the fields of possibility. Everyone welcome.

Trauma & Initiation Discussion Panel

By Jonathan Ehrlich & Kara-Leah & Vicki Grey & TBA

Polarity and political debate can only increase during times of crisis and collective initiation. But what wants to reveal beyond polarity? This is a chance to come together, co creating an open space for listening to different perspectives from the worlds of trauma and soul initiation - to feel underneath the polarity for what possible learnings/education are needed to bridge seemingly opposing worlds. We welcome you into this creative exploration of our shared walk as one humanity towards greater wholeness.

Remembrance: Prayer & Cacao Temple

By Dylan Kaufman & Vicki Grey

In this beautiful offering we will be working with the ancient medicine of the central and South America cacao. The medicine you will be drinking, originates from Peru. In our world where much is accelerating, shifting, transforming and changing we are faced with navigating our day to day lives to meet realities moving constantly. Alongside the transient realities of our human experience are unwavering places deep in our core that we can connect with anytime. An anchor of our deepest essence/truth that is always present and available to connect with whenever we need. The sacred act of prayer can be a place where we seek guidance and help. It can also be a place where we align with the deep knowing of our being, when temporary veils of forgetfulness fall upon us. So beautiful to know we can come back to remembrance any time. Prayer connecting us with that inside us that is omnipresent and waiting to inform us whenever we are available to listen. Cacao is a beautiful Earth medicine that has been used for thousands of years by many cultures in the Americas, such as the Mayans and the Aztecs. Cacao is a sacred medicine of the heart and these people used the medicine in the ceremonies of prayer, to assist them to hear messages from the great beyond. Dylan and Vicki will be leading you through a beautiful ceremony, with cacao as the medicine and teacher. There will be the opportunity to explore these themes in connection with others and an opportunity to be immersed in prayer together.

Vicki Grey

Vicki Grey

Vicki has been living at Highden Temple for the last five years. She has been deeply immersed in landing all aspects of what Highden is vibrating as a template, to support people to take the initiation their soul calls for them..

Prior to her life at Highden she had been following a more familiar trajectory of 9-5 work, career, mortgages etc. The familiar scripts of pathways to “success”, while feeling a very deep longing inside that became choiceless for her to try to contain. She followed many paths of study in tantra, meditation and healing in her spare time but knew at some point her soul would call for a deeper integration of these teachings into her everyday life.

So these last years her life has been devoted to living the map her soul has steadily being revealing from the inner worlds. Stepping courageously into living the teachings that Highden stand for, whilst letting go of the familiar maps prescribed from the institutions outside that shape us all.

Alongside her work with soul initiation she has passion for earth medicines, working deeply with many plant allies from around the world. She also carries and serves kambo, frog medicine from the Amazon.

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