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Victor Santos

Sacred Touch Intimacy Ritual (Demo)

By Kim Saama and Victor Santos

Sacred Touch Intimacy Ritual is an authentic demonstration of of Yoni and Lingam massage. This offering is a place to witness and to honour an alternative model of sexual expression as prayer and service to the beloved. The ritual comes from ancient traditions where erotic arts are used for healing and deeply connecting to the spirit inherent within matter, every cell, breath and expression. An acknowledgement of the Sacred in sexuality.

Masculine Innocence

By the Rose Garden

Victor and Julian will be leading an exploration into the softer parts of the masculine. The places behind the layers of protection that we present to the world. The purity and innocence each of us was born with.

They will be holding a safe space to get behind the walls we have built around our hearts. To express ourselves together, be seen, release shame and find comfort in the knowing that we are not alone on this journey. 

The Existential Cabaret (Temple)

The Existential Cabaret welcomes all voyeurs and deviant variants to come, receive and be amused by our very own organic, gluten free, vegan Eden camembert! 

 This demonic kink extravaganza will feature titillations beyond your wildest imagination, consensual condiments and bountiful boundaries bobbing beyond expectation. 

Roll up! Roll up! We have cleavage, skin suits, juggled balls, mouthed instruments and a feathered fowl for the plucking. 

 Hosted by an international trio of terrible proportions, The Existential Cabaret threatens to dissolve into an experiential Temple on completion.  

You will never be the same. Come delicious.

Victor Santos

Victor (he/him) is enthusiastic and passionate for life, and has dived deeply into Tantra and the Temple Arts, with a focus on living as an embodied soul. As a facilitator, intuitive healer, tantric bodyworker, and festival organizer. He has committed himself to remember we ARE love, integrated and expressed as masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, mind and body.

Victor lives and loves intuitively, following energy. He appreciates and honors all expressions and holds spaces where curiosity is a path to deeper understanding, compassion, and growth.

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