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Victor Santos

Joy of Grief 

By Manuahi & Victor Santos

A  Grief Ritual where we remember the art of embracing grief and making space for its beauty. Allowing ourselves to surrender the programmed fear and denial of death and change, so we can invoke the untamed joy that births from it’s depths. (Bring water, journal, curiosity, and an open heart)

Shapes of Love Temple

By Manuahi & Victor Santos & Jonathan Ehrlich

An experiential dive into the layers of heart with the intention to meet in-love, being mirrors for each other, and resting into the one heart. Come willing to uncover new pathways unexplored, and to practice embodying the various shapes of love. Let’s melt together into the authentic, tender center of the heart.

Victor Santos

Victor Santos

Victor (he/him) is enthusiastic and passionate for life, and has dived deeply into Tantra and the Temple Arts, with a focus on living as an embodied soul. As a facilitator, intuitive healer, tantric bodyworker, and festival organizer. He has committed himself to remember we ARE love, integrated and expressed as masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, mind and body. Victor lives and loves intuitively, following energy. He appreciates and honors all expressions and holds spaces where curiosity is a path to deeper understanding, compassion, and growth.

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