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Winter Jade Icely

Intimate Openings

Join us for a gentle temple of connection.  

This temple space will be an opportunity to land and drop into the heart in preparation for your festival experience.  

We open the doorway of intimacy through authenticity, transparency and aliveness.

All bodies and genders welcome, no experience necessary.

Come dressed in relaxed clothing that you can move in.

The Prayer of Eros

Eros is one of the ancient Greek terms for love, from which we derive our word ‘eroticism. it signified love that was ecstastic (taking one outside of oneself) and generative of life.  This temple experience will be a solo journey (within a field of others) into ecstatic, erotic love as a prayer for LIFE.  Using breathwork, self touch and moving through the chakra system of the body we will open to the ecstatic realms.  Please bring a blindfold or something to cover your eyes, a sarong and an open heart.  

The Feminine Mysteries for all bodies

We are the bees of the invisible. We wildly collect the honey of the visible, to store it in the great golden hive of the invisible.” 

― Rainer Maria Rilke

Join us for a taste of the magic of the feminine that lives within all bodies, all things.  She holds the doorways into subtle realms and our deep embodied connection to magic, the earth, the cycles of life and death.   The feminine is a felt experience and often beyond formed words, so feel into the potential of opening a deeper access point to this frequency, to her.  We will suspend the mind and mental understanding during this session to access places that cannot be understood, the liminal world.  

Winter Jade Icely

Winter is an international teacher, writer and facilitator in the realms of the mystical arts, sexuality and dark embodiment.

Holding a deep connection with magic Winter offers a powerful transmission of the inner worlds and invites you to step outside formed notions of reality into a life of enchantment.

Winter’s work penetrates ideas of gender and sexuality and the spaces she creates centre around non -dual experiences to the deeper realms of soul, the singularity that connects us all.

Winter is a qualified Social Worker and Holistic Counsellor previously working as a Senior Practitioner with those impacted by PTSD, family violence and trauma.

Winter is part of the teaching faculty at The International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and Highden Temple.

She is the founder of Magdalena, a global training for the feminine mysteries.

Winter has a deep calling to bring forth the temples of the new earth, to create spaces that penetrate worlds, that merge spirit and matter.

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