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Eden Festival
Eden Festival
Eden Festival

Highden Temple - Aotearoa, NZ

Eden Festival is a four-day immersion of LIFE. A life that awaits through the integration of heart, body, sexuality and spirituality.
We wish to celebrate life amongst all the challenges humanity has been through and together bring forth our unique note of LIFE, of what is sacred to you, to us.

What if Eden was already here?

Over the festival you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, ceremonies and temples. Eden offers a chance to connect with others who are on the path of awakening, transformation and freedom.

Come and join us in the exploration of what it is to be a whole and embodied expression of LIFE within a sacred community.

Eden Festival Ceremony


Eden is our most significant gathering where we celebrate, share and introduce new people to the community and re-connect with existing members.

It is a full permission space, inviting safe, whole, powerful, supported, embodied experiences. Personal Sovereignty and Self Responsibility are fundamental to the space. Each participant remains fully within their own boundaries from a place of authentic consent, while also remaining open to new experiences - this delicate edge is where all the learning happens.

We look forward to welcoming a diverse range of humans free from assumptions about gender or orientation and our intention is that all activities are accessible for everyone.

This event is for those over the age of 18 only and a drug- and alcohol-free event to allow full, lucid, conscious participation so please leave your treats at home!

Eden Festival Relaxing Time


Part of the mythology and framework behind Eden lies within the tale of Aquarius, the water bearer who brought the waters of Life down from Mount Olympus to Earth, reminding human beings of the whole of Life they already are.

So much of the magic of Aquarius is about the gift of communing with the waters of Life, so the contribution and leadership that comes through one’s individual note is a unique expression of the whole symphony of Life.

Eden encourages the totality of who we are in every moment, from our most raw human bits pouring through the heart to the shyness of our soul gifts unfolding through our human skin.

Often a room full of dancing people begins with just one person standing up to dance, then another one follows, and then another. Everyone might be dancing together, but you could say the music of Life itself also dances through each person in their own wild, unique expression of who they are. Life singing through one being celebrates and recognises Life in another, and you have a beautiful symphony of diversity filling the space.

Eden Festival Mythology



Earth Eros: The innocence of connecting the body to the Earth. Recognition of the great cycles of Nature that include us as active participants that know ourselves as the Earth.

Creativity: Deliberately birthing a village life together to live the new Eden now—becoming one group and harmonising. Invoking play, sensuality, creativity, innovative sparks of energy manifested in feeling, form, and experience— life, beauty, and love revealing itself through us over and over.

Synergy: All parts are welcome and we create an environment that supports all our seemingly separate parts as one integrated whole. (i.e: spirituality, heart, nervous system, body, sexuality)

Soul Expression: A space that honours and nourishes the unique soul expression of each being. A soul-based community.

Sacredness: Invoking the magic of life of ritual and the beautiful variety of pathways available to feel spiritual connectedness here in the present form and moment.

Inclusivity: Celebrating diversity and belonging with every being serving as an important part of the whole. Everyone has their own expression of life and level of readiness.

Growth: Letting the tides of change flow us into the future. Acknowledging the gift of the unfamiliar territory while always honouring consent and boundaries too.

Mystery: Willingness to surrender our scheduled plans to enter the unknown— alone, yet together, so life can dance us.

Awareness: Our ability to stay present and aware, within ourselves, and the way we relate to each other. Fostering a culture of care for each other.

The 9 Keynotes of Eden Festival


Check out how some of participants decribed the magic portal that was created at Eden 2023:


“Thank you all so much for making Eden the most transformative experience I’ve ever had. I am so grateful for you all.” Kyla Allen-Jennings

“Transiently pure, time and space to be still, to dance, to be seen and held safe to embody innocence.” Geoffrey Young

“Restful, invigorating, delightful, challenging, raw, delicious, safe, fun, all ways of wonder.” Anahera Worthington

“Amazing, I felt safe, I explored new modalities and my cup is full.” Natasha Godetz

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